Building and optimizing a website is no easy task because overtime software gets more and more complex, and the demands and functionality expectations from a website are increasing every day.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know web technologies. So, they face difficulty in getting their business set up online.

The best way to get things done is to use WordPress, and you don’t have to learn any coding because we are going to tell you how you can use these best drag and drop builders to build a business website in less than 3 hours.

Let’s check the best builders for WordPress without dipping your toe into any coding, whether it is in the form of CSS, HTML, PHP, or even just text.

1. Beaver Builder:

The beaver builder is one of the best drag and drop builder plugins for WordPress because it is cheaper than others for unlimited sites. It has all of the elements like Buttons, Carousel, Backgrounds, Content Blocks, and more.

It also allows users to choose from already built complete websites, and then users can customize them to their needs, images get changed, icons are changed, and the template transforms into a website. The price for an unlimited website is 99 dollars.

2. Seed Prod:

It is a premium site design tool, and it is also one of the easy to learn page builder that will allow you to build a website according to your imagination that you have in your mind. It includes already made templates for different pages like the sales page thank you page, 404 pages, and many more.

Its developers created it while keeping site speed their priority. So building with seed prod will result in fast site speed, and you don’t have to use a secondary plugin for speed optimization as you do with Divi Rocket.

It also comes with 100 plus beautifully built templates, which you can use to design your website. You can save the elements you have created once, and it allows you to use them again on different pages of the website in one click.

Also, this page builder is compatible with other various plugins and themes like WPRocket and Imagify. And it means good compatibility throughout your site and higher load speeds. The price starts from 39.50 dollars for a single website.

3. Divi page builder:

It is another premium page builder that offers many options to users to construct their websites according to their demands without even writing a single character of code.

However, there are some issues with cross-functionality with the other plugins, but if you keep updating your Divi site regularly, you won’t see any of these issues.

It offers a theme builder and all the elements of a website like opt-in forms, animation settings, background settings, the ability to upload your custom fonts, and much more. With Divi, there is virtually no limit to what you can do. It allows you to integrate various tables, forms, and javascript right into the section of your website. And everything works like a charm.

There are two licenses available for this page builder one is per site, and another is a lifetime license. Per year license will cost you 89.00 dollars per year, and the lifetime license with unlimited sites will cost you 250 dollars.

4. Elementor Page Builder:

Elementor Page Builder is the most popular on this list because it has a free version and many people who are new to page builders choose this to test it out on their website. It works great with specific themes like ocean theme for wp.

And with a little bit of help from the internet, you can create a fully functional website with the free version, and then you can purchase their license and use their premium features. It will give you an idea of how even the most premium page builder works.

You will get 30 basic widgets with the free version. However, getting a premium version isn’t expensive. You can get one site license for 49$ per year.